Tips for getting through the home selling process successfully

Whether you’re thinking about selling, or are already in the process of selling, here are some suggestions for you to put into action to avoid complications down the road.

Tip #1: Keep the Price Realistic

Name your price based on the guidance of your real estate pro, who has access to current market data. Be sure to consider what similar houses in your area have sold for, and how your own compares, or stands out, from those. Remember, an overpriced home takes longer to sell; make it easier by keeping it fair.

Tip #2: Stage Your Home

Staging your home to reflect layout and design trends can make it more appealing to potential buyers, and so can professional listing photos, which a good real estate agent can take care of for you during the selling process! To simplify, you want to make as much room as possible to show off your space. Countertops, closets, and cabinets are key spaces you want to keep clean and decluttered while your house is on the market. A decluttered house will also appear larger, and make for clean, neat listing photos.

Tip #3: Updates Are Investments

Replacing old appliances and fixtures and decluttering your home will make it more attractive to buyers and potentially increase the value. View these updates as an investment not an expense. Also, pay attention to your home’s curb appeal, as this is the first thing to either impress, or avert a buyer.

Tip #4: Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

When you order an inspection before listing your home, you can address any issues lurking beneath the surface early and save time during closing, while providing full disclosure to potential buyers and increasing their confidence in their purchase. This will also save time with negotiations.

Tip #5: Trust Your Real Estate Professional

Finding the right real estate agent to sell your home is an important step in the process. You want to find someone you can trust, who will give you an accurate market analysis of your home so you can get the best price possible, who will offer supportive advice and tips to get your home sold quickly, and will guide you step by step until your home sales.

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