Home should be a place where all who enter feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome. It should be a place where you feel free to be yourself, and where you actually enjoy spending time. Here are some simple, but effective ways you can create a cozy atmosphere for your home, whether you’ve just moved in, or are looking for new ideas to increase the comfort level of your current home.

Personalize your space

Adding personal touches to your home is a great way to make it feel more like your place, and will reflect your personality to all who enter. Here are some simple ways you can do that:

1. Fresh Paint

New paint is a great way to personalize a house, and in some cases can totally transform a room. By adding your favorite colors to the walls, your home will represent your personal preferences and unique style. Fresh paint colors are also helpful in creating a theme for a room.

2. Family Pictures/Artwork

A gallery wall is a fantastic idea for displaying pictures of family in a creative way that also minimizes clutter on the walls. And there’s nothing that says home like family. Artwork is another great way to personalize your home. Everyone has different tastes in art, so feel free to express your tastes in the comfort of your own home.

3. Create a Collectibles or Book Display

If you’re a collector, this one is definitely for you! A display of your favorite items will add a lived-in, personal touch, while also keeping all of your items in one place so you can stay organized. Whether you collect records, movies, souvenirs, vintage items, coins, wine, etc. you can find all kinds of display ideas online! OR, if books are more your thing, set up one of your favorite series on display, or invest in a bookshelf, or dedicate an entire room in your house as a library. Remember, it’s about personalizing, so it’s your choice.

Coziness is in the details

When it comes to making your home a cozy place to live (and to visit for your guests), the details really do make a difference. Here are a few small, but very significant, things you can do to make your home a relaxing place:

1. Comfortable Fabrics and Materials

Pay attention to the fabrics you choose to welcome into your home, avoiding coarse, rough materials that are irritating. When it comes to furniture, choose pieces that are comfortable, that invite you to sit and stay awhile. Plush pillows, rugs, and throws add that extra element of comfort your family will love and enjoy. Adding some drapes to the windows will also allow you to adjust the lighting and create privacy, plus you can get creative with different colors and patterns. These items not only make your home feel cozy, but they make it look cozy too. They’re great home decor pieces, so make sure you don’t just like the way they feel, but the way they look too, and how they’ll fit into your home.

2. Lamps, For When You Need That Soft, Relaxing Light

Table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, whichever you prefer, or if you like them all, take the opportunity to invest in some. You’ll be glad you did, soft light is much nicer in the evening hours, and sets the tone for relaxing.

3. A Nice Scent

Candles, diffusers, and scent warmers make any room feel more cozy and pleasant to be in. You can be creative and try out different scents, or keep a signature scent in your home that everyone recognizes when they enter. OR  if you really want the ultimate cozy aroma, and also love to cook, bake a batch of cookies to give the air in your home that fresh-baked smell when you have guests coming over, or before your family gets home. Who doesn’t love homemade cookies?

4. Add Some Plants

Whether you like a little bit of greenery, or bright, colorful flowers, consider incorporating some plant life into your home. You can choose real plants, which will also increase the air quality of your home, while adding fresh life and color, or you can go the artificial route to avoid dead and decaying plants hanging around your house. Whichever works for you, plants are a great addition to your home decor. You can place them in beautiful vases or unique pots to make it even more interesting and pleasing to the eye.


1. Organization

Everyone knows an unorganized house feels more chaotic than one that is organized. That chaos can affect the comfort of your home, and often your own ability to be able to relax in your own home. That doesn’t mean you have to deep-clean or reorganize your entire house all at once. Start with one small thing at a time, or even one room at a time, and be sure to cultivate habits as you go so you can maintain a decently clean, organized home. Here are a few practical tips:

  • Create a habit of making your bed every day. It’s easier to do it right after you get up in the morning, so you’re not making excuses to not do it later. Plus, you’ll feel much more productive having accomplished a task first thing in the morning.
  • Place drawer organizers in both the kitchen and bathroom so everything has a place and is easy to find. 
  • Coordinating baskets to put bath products in – they’re adorable and reduce clutter. Baskets also come in handy in the living room for placing easy-to-lose items in like remote controls, or for storing throw blankets while not being used.
  • Keep the kitchen utensils/tools you use the most on hand and easily accessible by storing them in colorful jars or cute pieces of pottery on the counter.
  • Keep a pretty bowl in the fridge for all of the fruits and vegetables, so everyone has easy access to a clean, healthy snack. This also makes cooking much easier, and keeps these necessary foods out in the open instead of out of thought and mind in the bottom of the refrigerator.
  • if you have little helpers, enlist some help with chores such as, folding the bath towels, putting the dishes in the dishwasher, or putting away ones own laundry – this will relieve some stress from your shoulders, while also teaching your kids helpful skills they’re going to need anyway, as well as the value of helping others.

Keep in mind that a home is a functioning place, so it’s okay for there to be a little dust here and there, dishes in the sink, etc. You live there, and it’s okay for that to be obvious.

2. Have a Routine

Whether you’re single, married, have kids or not, having somewhat of a routine at home gives anyone a sense of security and comfort in something that’s familiar. It could be as simple as setting the timer on the coffee pot the night before so you wake up to fresh perked coffee in the morning, or a scheduled bath time for your kids, or making it a habit to read every night before bed, or something cliché like pizza night or Taco Tuesday. These ideas aren’t complex at all, and that’s the point. We deal with enough complexity in the real world throughout the day that when we get home, familiarity, comfort, rest, and ease are the things we all want.

3. Landscaping

Keeping the outside of your home neat and presentable is important as well. After all, it is the first thing you see when you get home in the evening, and the first thing your guests will see when they arrive. A few nice plants on the porch or steps, or a well-kept flower bed will make your home appear more welcoming, warm, and friendly. This could also be a fun activity you could do together with your family, or this could be something you enjoy doing alone. Either way, getting outdoors is healthy and productive, and you will reap the benefits of a beautiful yard, accomplished by the work of your own hands.

Buying a house doesn’t automatically make it a home. You have to fill it with love, laughter, fond memories with family and friends, and your own traditions. You have to spend time there, and really feel like you can enjoy peace and comfort in a space that’s yours, where your favorite things are, where the wear and tear of living can be seen, and life moves at a slower pace. The additional things mentioned in this post don’t replace that, but rather help build on that most important foundation.