Hello friends! Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to spruce up your home’s exterior. Today I want to share some ways you can show the outside of your home some extra love! Small touches like these can make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your home.

1. Focus on the front door

The front door gives a home so much character. It immediately tells something about the personality of the home from the street view. Consider painting your front door a bold color to make it stand out, or keep things neutral and add an extra mold or glass panes around your door to create a more grand appearance. And don’t forget to dress up the front step with a nice welcome mat and some elegant flowers to make it more inviting. Check out the fun ideas in this collage!

2. Cover up those blemishes

I’m not talking about the ones we get on our face, but rather the ones we find around our house. Electrical boxes, piping, & wires can easily be painted the same color as your house so they’re camouflaged. You can also hide that A/C unit with an adorable lattice fence, some nice paneling, or with bushes and flowers to make the landscaping more impressionable.

3. Create a nice walkway or sidewalk

Not only are they convenient, but they also make the outside of your home appear more structured and welcoming. There are various options such as, simple poured concrete, brick or concrete pavers, and beautiful flagstone. Choose the materials within your budget and taste.

4. Shutters

If you don’t have them already, consider adding some to liven up the exterior of your home. If you already have shutters, give them a fresh coat of paint to make them pop. Here’s a tip: choose a color that will contrast the color of your home to really make it stand out.

5. Carriage style garage door

Buy quick and easy to use hardware kits to complete this task all on your own! A simple change that adds tons of charm to your home.

6. Paint the garage door

Something else you might want to consider is freshening up the color of your garage door. They tend to get dirty and shabby looking after quite some time, and new paint will definitely fix that! You can also create a stunning, rustic wooden look by painting your garage door with a gel stain. Just be sure to do your research as this process can be slightly different than painting.

7. Replace or update outdoor fixtures

Replace with new stylish ones, or upgrade the old by adding a fresh coat of paint and cleaning the glass. Changing the color up a little bit, or trying a different style can make a huge difference.

8. Give a plain concrete porch a makeover

If you have a plain, gray concrete porch, don’t be discouraged! There are so many creative ideas online for revamping boring concrete. From creative paint designs and beautiful stains, to wood wrapping, the possibilities are endless! Did you know you can even paint or stain your concrete to look like tiles, brick, or wood by using tape or a fun stencil? The results are amazing!

9. Mailbox upgrade

Update your plain mailbox with some new paint, and a new post if necessary. Make sure the address numbers are bold and easy to read. There are countless DIY ideas online to really personalize your mailbox as well. Since the mailbox is one of the first things people see upon arriving at your house, it makes an important statement.

10. And of course… PLANTS!!

Whether you have a green thumb or not, invest in some beautiful plants to dress up your home. Plants are especially nice during this Springtime season. There are so many options: window boxes, flower beds, hanging plants, and cute planters. There’s no better way to add natural, colorful beauty to your home. If you’re not plant savvy, try to choose ones that don’t require considerable attention.

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